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 JJesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them)

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PostSubject: JJesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them)   Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:12 pm

JJesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them)

Holy Prophets and Messengers of God (Allah)

God (Allah) created all the people with the faculty of the mind to use it properly.

People are 2 types:

1. Accountable: People who are sane, pubescent and heard the call of Islam

2. Non-Accountable: Any person either insane, or not pubescent, or never heard the basic call of Islam.

IF the person was accountable, and disbelieved in God, how could he/she be admitted to Paradise?

Now if that person was not accountable, say a women who lived in Africa, and never heard the call of Islam, and used to help the poor, and treat people nicely, she does not go to hellfire, she will go to Paradise. Now say a child and a crazy person, who lived all his life worshipping a rock, and they died on that situation, one died as a child (before puberty and the other died insane) they don't go to hellfire. Because they are not accountable.

But the one was accountable, that is he was sane, pubescent, and he heard the call of the religion, and rejected that call, he does not go to Paradise, he goes to hellfire. Say one lived at the time of Prophet Jesus, or at the time of Prophet Muhammad, and they were accountable, and they disbelieved, they don't go to Paradise because they died as accountable disbelievers.

It's easy to become a believer:

One becomes a Muslim by believing in the Two Testifications of Faith and uttering (saying) them with the intention of leaving out blasphemy. The Two Testifications of Faith In English are:

“I bear witness that no one deserves to be worshiped except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. That also includes believing in Jesus as a Prophet of God.

God gave humans intellect to know the truth and differentiate between it and falsehood.

The truth is Islam is the religion that we believe Adam, Noah, Isaac, David, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) had. Why do I say so? Because Islam is an Arabic word that means: Submission to one God. And we believe all the Prophets believed in One God, but they had different laws from God.

Jesus, in Islam, is among the most respected men. He is a Prophet and not the son of God. Christians say that only through Jesus there’s salvation, but to show you that it’s not true, the fact that the nations before Jesus, there was believers who believed in God although they did not believe in Jesus because he was not born yet. So the claim that Jesus said salvation is only through me would render the nations before Jesus disbelievers; thus dwell in hell! but that's only because people misquoted Jesus in the bible.

Trinity is another belief that Christians introduced to their faith, to explain their claim that Jesus, for being a man without a father, they said he is the Son of God, or God himself. We, Muslims, say that God is able to do anything he wills and he is not in need of any of his creations and that he is clear from any imperfection. He is not in need of a son, he has no partners in Godhood. We believe that Jesus was holy, but not a part of God, or God himself. His holiness and his miracles proved his Prophethood and that he is truly a messenger from God to people. Those who don’t believe in God, and in Jesus as a Prophet are considered disbelievers. All the Prophets had miracles, not only Jesus, and none are parts of God nor Sons of God. Prophet Adam had no father and no mother, yet he is not a God nor part of God.

We know for sure that trinity did not exist when Jesus was not born, therefore after Jesus was born, we know that Trinity was introduced into religion claiming that he is one of 3 Gods that make up one God.. and on top of all of that, they claim that this human being who came from Mary, (Jesus) is God, and that he was killed by the Jews for people’s sins!. But that cannot be true for the many reasons:

1. Firstly because God created Jesus, and he existed before Jesus and before all the creations God existed.

2. Secondly, God created Jesus from virgin Mary as a miracle showing people that Jesus is the messenger from God, so obey his orders, not worship him! Rather worship his creator and his God (Allah).

3. Thirdly, how would be sound to claim that Jesus was killed for people’s sins? When every human is accountable for his own deeds?

4. Fourthly, would it be fair to claim that God killed Jesus because of my Sins? Would you be a fair person to punish your daughter because of your sons mistakes? No, and certainly God is just and fair. God does not need to kill in order to forgive sins. God orders for something to be and it is.

The claim that Jews killed God (Jesus) shows that God is weak! Such attributes cannot be attributed to God. There are more reasons to show that whatever is written in the bible today has been tampered by man. The true belief is that God existed when there was nothing, he existed before time and before place and before humans. He created the humans with an intellect to know the truth. He sent the Prophets to warn people from the evil and falsehood and giving good tidings for those who believe properly in God and in his Prophets, that their reward would be in Paradise.

If one believed and said that: God is one, he has no partners, and he is the creator of all creations, and that Moses and Jesus and Muhammad are Prophets of God (Allah) then you are a Muslim. And so I advise you sincerelyto do become a Muslim, a believer, not only in Jesus as a Prophet, but in all the Prophets of God starting with Prophet Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and ending with Muhammad peace be upon them.

I ask God to guide us to the correct path. Ameen.
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JJesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them)
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