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 The Not-So-Hidden Agenda of the Sangh Parivar

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PostSubject: The Not-So-Hidden Agenda of the Sangh Parivar   Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:33 pm

The Not-So-Hidden Agenda of the Sangh Parivar
By Hasan Mansur
The big lie about the socio-cultural character of the RSS is belied regularly by its journals pronouncing opinions and positions on all kinds of political issues

The media has created the image of Vajpayee as an amiable, moderate, secular and liberal democrat at heart. But the fact, that he spoke out, "The Rashtriya Swaysamsevak Sangh (RSS) is my soul", or his declaration that it was necessary to have a "national debate" on conversions, in the face of the dramatic escalation of attacks on Christians and their property and institutions in Gujrath, must not be forgotten. Now he has stated that the RSS is only a " cultural and social" organisation, and this is certainly unequivocal and official.

It is necessary to make an agonising reappraisal of the credentials of this organisation. All these speak out loud and clear that he wears a mask that occasionally slips off his face, revealing the bigot, the true demeanour of the Manuvadi. The editorial in Organiser, the RSS weekly in English, (February 6, 2000) carried the following: " The RSS is not a political party. It does not take part in elections, nor its office-bearers are supposed to become office-bearers of any political party. The RSS has no election symbol nor its leadership nor members have ever endeavoured to seek political office. It is a socio-cultural organisation trying to inspire all national activity. The fact is as brought outin its central publishing house, in a book entitled, "Param Vaibhav ke path par" (1997), detailing more than 40 organisations, created by the RSS for different tasks and the BJP as its political outfit stands out prominently. Its preface contradicts Vajpayee's bland assertion, when it declares that, "without the knowledge of the different kinds of activities of the swayamsevak (volunteers of the RSS), the introduction of the RSS is incomplete. Keeping this in mind it has been attempted in this book to produce brief information of the diverse activities of the swayamsevaks."

The "apolitical" nature of the RSS can be gauged from the statement of M.S. Golwalkar (reverentially addressed as "Guruji") who was the supremo after the death of Dr. Hedgewar, (the founder) also acknowledged as its greatest ideologue. "We know this also that some of our swayamsevaks work in politics. There they have to organise according to the needs of the work, public meetings, processions etc, have to raise slogans." The media never shies away from publicising the influx of lakhs of Sangh Parivar Volunteers drafted to campaign for the BJP during elections in the land.

Every swayamsevak has to take this mandatory oath, "I become a member of the RSS in order to achieve all-round greatness of Bharatvarsha by fostering the growth of my sacred Hindu religion, Hindu society and Hindu culture." The prayer with which the RSS shaka starts, goes as follows, "Affectionate Motherland, I eternally bow to you, O land of Hindus, you have reared me in comfort.. O God Almighty, we the integral part of Hindu rashtra salute you in reverence. For your cause, we have girded up our loins Give us your blessings for its accomplishment."

About the national flag, Golwalkar declared in 1946 that the saffron flag represented the great culture. To quote him, "It is the embodiment of God. We firmly believe in the end the whole nation will bow before this saffron flag", a conviction planted eternally in the RSS soul. In a message to the first session of the National Integration Council in 1961, he sent a message as follows: "Today's federal form of the Government not only gives birth to but also nourishes the feelings of separatism, in a way refuses to recognise the fact of one nation and destroys it. It must be completely uprooted, Constitution purified and unitary form of government be established." No wonder, the BJP-led government has set up the National Commission to review the constitution that could realise his dream of one flag, one leader and one ideology.

The big lie about the socio-cultural character of the RSS is belied regularly by its journals pronouncing opinions and positions on all kinds of political issues. Its deep involvement in the Ram Janam Bhoomi campaign, mobilising its mass cadre base, yielded political dividents with the BJP emerging as the major player in the country's politics. In 1998, the partners of the BJP were unaware of the Pokhran test but within an hour of the nuclear blast, the Organiser was out with a special issue, commemorating Pokhran 1 !! BJP's national organising secretaries are all from the RSS and now unashamedly some of the Governors too.

Goebbels, Hitler's Minister for Propaganda, was the original master of constantly repeating the big lie till it appeared as truth. The RSS has mastered this art and so also its creatures who are running governments. The citizens of India have to beware of this Frankestein, created unwittingly by its polity which will ultimately destroy this land. Hence the need for all the people of this country, irrespective of caste, creed or region to thwart the vile conspiracies of this fascist outfit. The RSS and its political outfit, the BJP with their theology firmly rooted in Manuvada, with its abiding faith in inequality, promoted by the pernicious caste system, in violence that kills the body but leaves the soul immortal, its contempt for women and its hero-worship of macho men needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history which the people alone can achieve.
Population Problem
What Should Be the Muslims Approach?
By Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan
There are powerful Jamaats doing great service to Muslims. They should adopt progressive measures to address the problem.

Demographers have already sounded that the present growth rate of population would result in unbearable human misery. This is the fate in store for Muslims too. The present living standard or life-style in Muslim society in general is alarming. If this is properly understood, there could be sleepless nights. Dark clouds hover over their heads. Not even a single silver line is visible. The present is worse than yesterday and tomorrow will be worse than the present. Is there any realisation that something should be done immediately to arrest this future catastrophe?

The government has been playing a passive role, though it is extremely liberal in spending crores of rupees on population control. No political party has guts and commitment. There is a fear reigning supreme in the minds of the rulers that they would be dethroned if stern measures are adopted to control population. In that case, they should be branded as abettors. Welfare of the society is subordinated to self-interest. The sufferers are the poor. The rich, the elite and the intellectuals are wise enough to assure a bright future for their limited number of children.

The poor, the uneducated and the irresponsible have allowed a race between their children and the pups of the dogs. The latter have no problems because they need no education, no shelter, and no problem of food. The waste dumped in the dustbins would be adequate for a sound and healthy body of the pups as they advance in age. But human children will not be exposed to that extent. Poor children are definitely better than the pups and this alone should enable parents derive solace and gratification!

The sight of impaired, disabled, mutilated and uncared for children dampens the spirit of any one who has drunk the milk of human kindness not mother's milk. Just let us pause for a while, close our eyes and think of the future of these unfortunate children. What feed-back do we get? Eyes become damp. Heart becomes broken. Mind becomes numb. Oh God! Why did you send these children to this world? What sin had they committed to undergo this torture? Oh God! you are merciful and benevolent. Then why has your curse visited on these children whose fault it is not for having been born to certain irresponsible and merciless parents. Spare the children and punish the parents.

In the same area of residence we see varieties of problems of children born to the unpardonable parents. In contrast, we see the ever-happy children who have every thing that is denied to the poor children. Islamic principle of compassion and mercy is last upon the capable people. The surplus food is thrown into gutters and dustbins. The arrogant middle class and the rich do not realise that Islam does not permit wasteful expenditure. Islam does give a mandate that every capable Muslim should share something with his fellow beings. By sharing we earn more grace of God and we will have peace of mind. But the Satanic spirit that dwells within us and the devilish mentality that dominates us make us bankrupt of Islamic ethos as well as ethics. The grave-yard philosophy, "See this is the ultimate fate! we carry nothing with us. We are born naked and buried naked. Where are the jewels? Where are our dozens of luxurious clothes? Where is our palatial residence? Where is our bank balance? Oh God! be Merciful. " But this philosophical bent of mind is purely transitory and evaporates just after crossing the boundary of the grave yard.

But instead of repenting later, it will be prudent to contemplate some measures to make the life of every poor child a happy one. Advise people to limit the number of children and ensure quality population. Every child has potential brightness if only the dark clouds are driven out. Good education, good culture, good environment would definitely alter the socio-economic status of the poor. Islam is not against family planning.

A few years ago there was an international conference at Cairo in Egypt on population growth. Many Muslim countries also participated. After a protracted deliberation, though conflicting opinions prevailed initially, the consensus was in favour of population control. The only obstacle was abortion. It was agreed that measures for abortion could be given up and all other measures be adopted. This message should be spread, particularly among Muslim men of the lower classes.

Who should advance in propagating this strategy? Let us bank upon responsible Muslim leadership including the religious leaders. There are powerful Jamaats doing great service to Muslims. They should also shed their reservation and adopt progressive measures which are not in direct conflict with Islamic spirit and letter. Dependence on government for relief is a wishful thinking. We should enrich our own internal resources. We should share our surplus with the poor lest our children should go astray. Let us follow the dictum, "Sow the seed today and reap the harvest tomorrow".

I have been working with and for the poor children of all religious groups. But it is the pathetic, dismal and derailed conditions of Muslim children that disturb me more than those of other children. A sense of born arrogance in us should go. The crude cultural traits of affluence should be changed. Community leadership should emerge on war footing. One has to display timely courage to correct the stubborn. Encourage population control immediately, provide education for standard education, and motivate parents for competition in bringing up their limited children. We may see gardens of beautiful roses. Muslim children can have great future and be a great asset to the family, community, society and the Nation. We may have thousands of great administrators like Sir Mirza Ismail, Taj Peeran and Abdul Wajid; engineers like Mohammed Hayat; poets and philosophers like Sir Mohammed Iqbal; reformers like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan; brave men like Tippu Sultan; philanthropists like Hakeem Ajmal Khan; Scholars like Abul Kalam Azad; scientists like Abdul Kalaam,; jurists like Sir Zafarullah Khan.
Leaves From Life
The Self-Made Man
By D. A. Sait

He called himself a selfmade man and prided himself on this self-awarded honour.

"How can you say you're self-made?" I asked him once. "You can't make yourself. Somebody had to make you, and that somebody is God."

"I call myself self-made," he came back at me, "because I made myself what I am today. God, if there is one, had nothing to do with it."

Coming from a so-called Muslim it absolutely disconcerted me. Though I had known all along that he was not a practising Muslim I had never imagined that he was so far gone in atheism as to disown divine intervention in human affairs, which is why I had docketed him in my mind as the Abominable Atheist. "What I have earned I have earned with the sweat of my brow," he would brag, as though the sweat of his brow was something special and superior to the sweat of others, especially those Muslims working for him who, while working their fingers to the bone to earn their bread, still found time to offer prayers and thanks to the Almighty Allah for whatever little He has blessed them with.

Besides, this sweat-of-the-brow business can hardly hold water in the light of what his employees have to say, who maintain that it is the sweat of THEIR brow that has enabled him to rake in the profits. A couple of his ex-Muslim employees have even said that he sacked them for the simple reason that they had gone to work for him wearing caps. Can a Muslim sink so low as to prevent another Muslim from wearing a cap? But then the question arises is whether the one who prevents the other is a Muslim in the first place.

Obviously, an ego, once it takes on the form of an obsession, induces a delusion in the egoist where he imagines himself to be some sort of a super power. He cannot conceive of a power that can harm him if he exceeds the limit. Nimrod, according to the Qur'an, thought the same thing about himself. He thought he was God. This obsession drove him to shoot an arrow into the sky to kill God. And we all know what happened to him.

And this present descendant of Nimrod likes to surround himself with a host of psychophants to whom he would dole out an occasional pittance in exchange for which they would sing his praises with lavish abandon, thus filling to the brim his lust for praise. Those who sang paeans to him were careful not to take a peek into his murky past, which he preferred to keep under a wrap and behind the veil. Anyone who dared to delve into this past was bound to find himself with a fight on his hands.

Such is the real picture of this weird character of which the outside world has no inkling. He passes himself off as a Muslim whenever it suits him. But some times the real he comes out on the surface in spite of himself, for no man can hide from the world his real nature for long. The sun of truth has to come out of the darkness of pretensions and prevarications and expose reality sooner or later. One only feels sad because it is a Muslim that is resorting to these un-Islamic means for wordly glory. Strange indeed are the ways of some of God's creatures!
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The Not-So-Hidden Agenda of the Sangh Parivar
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