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 Challenges in the new Millennium

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PostSubject: Challenges in the new Millennium   Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:42 pm

Challenges in the new Millennium
By Hasan Mansur

THE Dharma Sansad of sants under the leadership of the Vishwa Hindu Hindu Parishad (VHP) has put off the construction of the Ram Mandir by a year and there are many Muslims who are naive enough to think that the evil has been put off and they have gained time to breathe awhile. This is particularly characteristic of the middle class that is caught up in the vicious web of consumerism and passing pleasures of the fleeting days. It is appalling to behold this complacency when the community has passed through grave times that almost threatened its existence.

Muslims are yet to realise the repercussions of the caste based enuneration in the forthcoming Census

It is clear that Vajpayee is a prisoner of Manuvadis; he went to Udipi to sit at the feet of the Pejawar Swami who while felicitating the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) supremo declared that the attack from the internal forces was far more dangerous and painful than what was engineered from external forces. There is no mistaking the insinuation and this from a man who was present in Ayodhya as Vice-President of the VHP during the demolition of the Babri masjid. Then there is the strident call from Bal Thackeray to disenfranchise Muslims, a throwback to what the 'Guruji' of the RSS, Golwalkar said long ago that Muslims can never be given citizenship rights, they could live in this land as anti-nationals!!!! Yet there was not as much as a squeak from either Vajpayee or Advani.

Then there is the cream of the judiciary, judges who retired from the Supreme Court and otherwise men reviewing the Constitution and suggesting electoral games are not for the marginalized but for the upper middle class with its internet games. There is a sinister conspiracy to keep the poor and the illiterate out so that stability could replace democratic governance. This could keep a large body of minorities along with their fellow travellers in the other communities from the power games played by the politicians.

Bal Thackeray's call to disenfranchise Muslims fits neatly with the Sangh Parivar ideology

The Muslim community has not woken up to the consequences of caste enumeration in the coming national census. Since there is no caste in Islam, backwardness is determined by certain professions people pursue and absence of this information will affect reservations in education and jobs and it will effect reservations for women in panchayat and municipal bodies. This will affect other communities too classed as backward. Muslims have to campaign against this discrimination.

The threat of communalism is genocidal in nature, hence a threat to the most fundemental right to life whereas the contemplated changes in the Constitution will reduce the minorities to second class citizens and the coming census is a naked act of casteism, a design to continue present caste discrimination.

Ram Mandir Controversy
Threat to Indian Social Solidarity
The Dialogue route to a solution for Ayodhya tangle should not be foreclosed, argues PROF. MUMTAZ ALI KHAN

THE Hindu mythological hero Ram who is described as an Avatar meaning incarnation of God is today a subject of controversy and conflict. He is called an Adarsha Purusha, meaning a model human being. Sri Ram stands for sterling qualities such as character, obedience, role-setter, justice, equality, etc. But this is the Ram of Ramayana. But the Ram drawn into street battles today is totally different. He is no longer the eternal Ram, but is the Ram of VHP and Bajrang Dal. Hindu mythology says that Ram was born in Ayodhya. But can any one point out the very spot where he was born. I was born in a village near Gowribidnur. But today I can not go to the village and say this is the place where exactly I was born. Then how the exactness of Sri Rama's birthplace could be located? The VHP and its co-partners are bent upon construction of Ram mandir on the very spot where once the Babri mosque stood. VHP has now announced the date, March 2002. It has thus postponed the date of construction of mandir. There is no finality in the date. It is bound to be deferred once again. The main reason is that it is not getting the expected support from the Hindus.

Whatever may be the outcome of the court verdict on Ayodhya, the social solidarity of Indian state is bound to be endangered

The fact that mandir issue is linked with political fortunes of BJP is unquestionable. BJP itself is slowly backing out because this is not included in the agenda of National Democratic Alliance. There is tremendous pressure from these members of NDA on BJP. The Prime Minister is under attack from the supporters of non-secular BJP friends on one hand and secular parties in NDA. We can really understand his mental status. Anyway, he has now come out with a statement that his party would go with the decision of the Supreme Court. The Sadhus at Kumbh Mela have attacked VHP and its partners. They do not want to make it a political issue and draw political mileage. They have questioned the very basis of VHP. They have said that VHP and its friends do no represent the Hindus as such. It is true because a vast majority of the Hindus have denounced the stand taken by VHP and its friends. Thus, it is seen that from time to time, the position of VHP is changing. It is being slowly isolated from the BJP, the Sadhus and a vast majority of Hindu intellectuals and politicians. It can easily be said that VHP is fighting a losing battle. It is now seriously thinking of a face saving device. Earlier it withdraws, better it is for the country. Since the matter is before the Supreme Court, any intervention would certainly amount to comtempt of court. Why the Hindu legal experts do not tell this to VHP? The threats of VHP that it would certainly go ahead with construction of Mandir should be taken to Supreme Court through public interest litigation. It is high time to do so. The Muslim organizations and some top individuals are also divided among themselves. As VHP does not represent the Hindu society, these splinter Muslim groups also do not represent the Muslim society. Both the groups have assumed position of representing the Muslims of India. Dialogue between or among groups of Hindus and Muslims should not be prevented. But it is desirable to have a dialogue among the sober and rational Hindu leaders and Muslim leaders who are neither politicians nor religious leaders.

BJP is now not sure how Ram Mandir issue will affect the electoral fortunes

A dialogue is relevant because the decision of the Supreme Court would upset either the Muslim groups or the Hindu groups. There is bound to be chaos in the country when once Supreme Court's decision goes in favour of Hindus or Muslims. The hardcore elements will destroy the stability of the Nation and social solidarity. Then, Ram may escape from Ayodhya and take shelter in Sri Lanka. Babur would not come back to Ayodhya. Let wisdom, tolerance, humaneness and rationality prevail among the Hindus and Muslims to promote peace, solidarity and brotherhood.

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Challenges in the new Millennium
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