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PostSubject: SEX POWER AS PER ISLAM INSTRUCTIONS   Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:07 pm

Praise Be to Allah - we praise Him, we seek aid from Him, we seek guidance, and we seek from Him refuge from the evils of ourselves, and our bad deeds. It is He whom Allah guides that is on true guidance; but he whom He leaves astray, for such wilts thou find no protector to lead him to the right way. And I profess that there is no god but Allah alone, & He has no partners. And I admit His lordship, compelling this truth for those who denied Him and disbelieved in Him. And I profess that our master Muhammad, May Allah's Peace & Grace be upon him, is the messenger of Allah, the master of the created and the human race, and I keep professing that for as long as sight can be seen with an eye, for as long as news can be heard with an ear.
O Allah, our Lord, have peace and blessings upon our master Mohammed, upon his folks, his companions, his descendants, and those who allied with him and followed him until the Day of Judgment. O Allah our Lord, teach us what is useful for us, and let us make use of what Thou hast taught us. O Allah and advance us in knowledge. O Allah show us the righteousness as right as it is, and bless us with following it. O Allah our lord make us amongst those who listen to the Word and follow the best meaning of it, and admit us, by Thy Grace, to the ranks of Thy righteous Servants. O Allah our Lord, lead us out from the depths of darkness and illusion, unto the lights of erudition and knowledge, and from the muddy shallows of lusts unto the heavens of Thy Vicinity.

First Sermon :

Praises be to Allah with Him we get help and guide , we shelter to Him because of ourselves sins and bad deeds .
The one who is guided by Him couldn’t be misled and the one who is left neglected by Him couldn’t find a guardian . I witness that there is no god but Allah , no partner with Him , I witness that admits His deity , I witness that stakes dumb whoever deny or disbelieve. I witness that Muhammad is Allah's messenger whenever a sight followed by an eye , or an ear goes after a piece of knowledge .

O Allah , we have no knowledge but what you teach us , you are the wise and the scholar .
O Allah teach us what you teach us what serves us and lets have benefits of what you are teaching us and increase us more knowledge . lets see the truth and follow it , lets see the evil too and get away of it .
Lets be among the ones who listen to the speech and follow the best . send your mercy upon us with your good slaves .
O Allah take us away from the ignorance and illusions darkness to the knowledge and science shine . and from sleazy lusts to the high paradises.

The right power:
O kind brothers, our last sermon was about the overcoming which Muslims suffer from in many countries of Islamic world, and I talked about The Right Power which
Muhammad /pbuh/ had in Mecca , while his companions were agonized aggressively and he had nothing to do except his speech { O Yasser‘s family, be patient}
But when prophet Muhammad moved into Al-Madina { the lightening town } , power right was added into the right power .
Muslims today can’t walk away from these dangers unless they apply this blessed Aya which Allah says in :

{ And make ready against them all you can of power , including steeds of war [tanks, planes, missiles, artillery] to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy , and others besides whom , you may not know but whom Allah does know .}

“60” Alanfal

Today theist man has to gather between right power “ Allah's inspiration” and power right . Because those who have power right don’t care about Allah's rights , not even about all of the holy symbols .
They have the chance to build their horn on others rubble , to build their lives on others death , to build their opulence on others poverty , to build their glory on others servility .
I talked in the last sermon that there is a basic struggle exactly as same as basic teaching I mean self struggle because the one who is defeated in front of himself can’t face merely an ant!!!.

Man’s power:
Today I am going on in this topic
If we wonder about the greatest power which people knew from the aurora of history till now, you might answer that it is the nuclear bomb which can destroy millions of people in no time , the one who doesn’t die by fire , might die by pressure . there is no life in that place, no life, no animals, no plants, and no human life at all…
But the question is , Is there another power greater than the nuclear bomb on earth?? The answer is yes , it is the human being who made it , the man who send a special ship to Jupiter to cruise in the space for six years in 40 miles an hour , who dove in deep oceans , dug out oil from the bottoms of oceans, transfer the image and sounds to every district of the world.
For this the human who invented the nuclear bomb is absolutely from scientific point view is stronger than this bomb , consequently economically speaking the population is the most important issue in economic balance , when this man uses his mind and effort , he becomes the profit in favorable and unfavorable balance, For this if you taught a man and released his hand supported by morals and miners , he would become the strongest power in this universe .

Imam Ali Bin Aby Taleb {whose face is blessed by Allah} mentioned this meaning but from moralistic point view , he said: ‘’goodness doer is better than the good itself ‘’.
If you built a school for orphans and provided it by every kind of facilities , and after a while you would be happy with what you did forever. So you are better than the goodness itself.
Also, the one who threw the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and killed 300.000 person in a second .. people who weren’t killed at that time would be dead now , and now everything is over but the one who ordered his soldiers to throw it will suffer from hell forever , for this we say :’’goodness doer is better than the good itself, and evil doer is worst than the evil itself.’’

Believing power :
O dear brothers , the third question is that if man’s power is the strongest power on earth what can we say about the power which pushes him , makes him boils just like a boiler , and rides him just like a rocket to be a martyr .this amazing power is faith power .
O kind brothers , first the one who believes in something is absolutely stronger than the one who believes in nothing , Allah says about them:

{or you think that most of them hear you or understand ?? they are only like cattle nay, they are even farther astray from the path [i.e. even worse than cattle] }

Al-Furqan ‘’44’’
Those people who are mentioned later are homeless with no goal, their gods are only two; sex and money . those are surely cowards, they shudder to think about a theist..

The importance of believing in Allah and its effects on humans :
Let’s go on, believing in any ideology gives its man power and inflexibility, as we see in these arguments between people and groups the one who believes in an ideology prevails and wins against that empty person who believes in nothing, it’s very clear point view.
Now, the real believing which guides power is the believing in Allah that He is the endower of life, creator of skies and earth . believing in the Last Day , the Resurrection Day , believing that there is an outstanding life for believers where they forget their suffers in terminal life , and theist forget their lusts of his terminal life .
Unless, there was the Resurrection Day , we wouldn’t be able to stand this terminal life . I swear that unless we believed in the Last Day , we would prefer come in earth to apparent one .
Allah says :

{ consider not that Allah is unaware of that which the zalimun [polytheist wrongdoers ] do, but He gives them respite up to a Day when the eyes will stare in horror }

Ibrahim ‘’42’’

At that Day there will be no alliances, no armies, no aggression , no aviation, no bombing, no humility .Allah says :

{And truly, you have come unto us alone [without wealth, companions or anything else .}

Al-An’am ‘’94’’

All of the good names of Allah are worked with except the /all-just/ name ,it’s not completely worked with , because Allah says :

{ Verily, the Hour is coming and I am almost hiding it that every person may be rewarded for that which he strives}

Ta-Ha “15”

For this, everyone of humans won’t pass over hell, not to agonize the believers but to make them witness Allah's justice, and see oppressors’ place in hell, those who humbled humans killed them, and were big-headed, Allah says :

{There is not one of you will pass over it [Hell]; this is with your Lord, a Decree which must be accomplished .}

Maryam “71”

Believing in angels and messengers :
It is the believing in broad and invisible area, full of Allah's uncountable soldiers who are the closed angels, believing in Allah's inspiration which is the link between the heaven and the earth , believing in human’s models, the best of humans “ the messengers and the prophets “ these high models of humanity which Allah sent his inspiration to; to get people out of darkness to reach the light . Believing is one of the basic morals , the bridle of vice , the straightening of conscience , and the patience in dilemmas .
We can’t say to a believer , the straight , the good , “ if he was agonized”, any word except messenger’s Muhammad saying :

“ al-yaser be patient, you are promised by paradise”

Believing in human’s dignity :
Allah says in Quraan :

{And I “Allah” created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me “ Alone” }

Adh-Dhariyat “ 56”

{Truly, we did offer Al-Amana “The trust or moral responsibility or honesty and all the duties which Allah has ordained “ to the heavens and earth , and the mountains , but they declined to bear it and were afraid of it “ i.e. afraid of Allah's torment “ . But man bore it }

Al-Ahzab “72”

O kind brothers; the believing which messengers and prophets invited us to and martyrs and goods devoted for, is the deep meaning which we want from the word “believing” it is more effective than the nuclear bomb and stronger than its maker, because we can face the nuclear bomb with “off-spring” one.
Our single winning card in our hands, is our children .
Teach your children the Believing, lead them to Allah's single way, make them love the master of messengers and his great companions, you have to redirect loyalty to Allah and His messengers not to football players and perverted singers ..
If we did it, we would get rid of this weakness and the sticking with unknown origins cultures.
O kind brothers, this Believing is the real power which is more important than the human’s one, this power helps the weak not to fall down and prevents the strong from declining .
Believing is the bridle of killing, Ex. When Jerusalem was obtruded by the crusades , 70.000 person was killed; but when it was conquered by Salah Ad-dien, no drop of blood was shed because believing was a bridle of killing and shedding blood .
The theist has a merciful heart bounded with fearing of Allah which prevents the strong from declining , forbades the winner from absolutism, and takes the defeated from hopelessness, Allah says in the holy Quraan :

{ So do not become weak [against your enemy], nor be sad, and you will be superior [ in victory] if you are indeed [true] believers }

Al-Imran “139”
Impiety and patience lead surely to burial but obedient with patience leads to the victory; Allah says:

{ But if you remain patient and become Al-Muttaqun [the pious], not the least harm will their cunning do to you. Surely, Allah surrounds all that the do. }

Al-Imran “120”

Instinct’s power:
O kind brothers, this topic leads us into a power inside our bodies which looks very mighty and powerful to those who are faithless; it is the Instinct power, staying alive instinct, sex instinct, anger and fighting instinct, and loving money instinct, Allah says:

{Beautified for men is the love of things they covet; women, children, most of gold and silver [wealth], branded beautiful horses, cattle and well-tilled land . This is the pleasure of the present world’s life; but Allah has the excellent return [paradise with flowing rivers] with Him.}

Al-Imran “14”

Instincts serve believing :
We can say that human’s instinct has its dominion and its power, but when we put it next to believing its knot will be solved and obeys believing power, because inside theist there is a master and a maid; his deep believing is the master while his maid is his lust ; for this messenger Muhammad said:

[ cruse on food slave, sex slave, money slave, fashion slave.]

Yusuf’s /pbuh/ story is a witness for instinct power:
I say these words because many guys think that incorruption nowadays is impossible, and that bare women which are in streets, magazines, on satellite channels, in college, newspapers, on websites and everywhere make incorruption an impossible thing; but I do affirm to those brothers who believes in this illusion, that Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope and unless He knew that you can get away from that obstacle
He wouldn’t let it exists .
O kind brothers, our prophet Yusuf was a theist young man who compelled his instinct to his faith , he was given beauty, strength and activity, he was inflicted by serving Al-Aziz’s “the king of Egypt” wife in a big palace but she was agitated by his youth and beauty even though she had the best position in society, was the most beautiful women in the kingdom , and had the king of Egypt as a husband, she asked Yusuf for a sexy relationship motivating his feelings and needs as a young man, she closed doors after doors and said to him: Here I am .!!!!!
Look at this accurate situation, no doubt that it wasn’t an infliction for an hour in his life, it was a daily one which faced him every morning and every night, it wasn’t brought to him by a night girl or a bitch, she was the queen the pretty one who had the highest position in society while he “ prophet Yusuf” was a humble, ignoble slave bought for a few pounds, his family was unknown, he was just a slave in her palace, had to obey when he was being ordered .. what did Yusuf / pbuh / do with that lady , it wasn’t good to him or her to announce the matter .
O kind brothers, the exam was really hard but it ended with success because he answered:

{ I seek refuge in Allah [or Allah forbid]! Truly he [ your husband] is my master! He made my living in a great comfort ![ so I will never betray him]. Verily the Zalimun [ wrong and evildoers] will never be successful }

Yusuf “23”

He is just a shepherd:
This situation moves me into another one, he was a shepherd who had no books, no computer, no communications and even no sermons.
That shepherd was examined by Bin-Omar …. Bin-Omar said to him “ could you please sell me an ewe and keep its price for yourself ??” the shepherd answered “no, it isn’t mine..” Bin-Omar replied: “tell its owner… it died “ he answered: “I swear that I am in need for its price and if I told its owner that it died or is eaten by the wolf , he would believe me.. because I used to be honest with him.. but where is Allah ????”
In fact, this uncultured shepherd put his hand on the essence of religion ..
You are so respected, theist, and precious when you say where is Allah ? because of your fearing from Allah .
On the other hand you are so small according to Allah when you do prohibited things alone and don’t care about Him watching you even if you have the highest license in the world and more than 200.000 books in you library.
It is said that two prostrations from a theist and honest man is better than one thousands prostrations from a double-tongued and insincere man .
Allah says:

{ And I “ the queen” did seek to seduce him, but he refused. And now if he refuses to obey my order, he shall certainly be cast into prison, and will be one of those who are disgraced.}

Yusuf “32”

It’s a difficult test:
He was facing two tests, consenting to her lust so he will fall or preventing himself from her so he will enter into prison . This test is a test for every guy listening to me right now.
A great prophet had been a maid then he became the minister of economy , one of the maids in the palace saw him and said :Glorified “ and exalted” is Allah who makes maids kings by their obeying to His orders and makes the kings maids by their contempting for His orders .
O kind brothers , another idea, as if Al-Ukhdud “ the people of the Ditch story” has a consolation for every defeated theist, Allah said to them in Quraan :

{ this is the huge win}
Allah didn’t say this word “huge win” to anyone except the people of Ditch

{who died with deep obeying to Allah's orders} .
As if that story has the consolation for the defeated theists , Yusuf’s story has the consolation for everyone who entered prison unfairly, Allah wanted to make that genuine prophet enter the prison, that prophet said:

{ He said: O my Lord ! Prison is dearer to me than that which they invite me. Unless You turn away their plot from me, I will feel inclined towards them and be one of the ignorant [of those who commit sin and deserve blame or those who do deeds]}

Yusuf “33”
If we met any guy with this situation and gave them a choice /one million guy, one hundred million guy / between having a prohibited sexual intercourse with that beautiful queen or being at prison unfairly!!! What do you think they would choose??

But because believing is the bridle of corruption , a great bridle, a moralistic and local bridle , because of this, prophet Yusuf said : :

{ He said: O my Lord ! Prison is dearer to me than that which they invite me. }

Yusuf “33”
Prophet Yusuf told us through his story that we have to arrange all the causes we need as if it’s every thing then to depend on Allah as if the causes were nothing .
When prophet Yusuf was in the highest level of power and lordship and in the lowest level of poverty and defeat, he invited people to Allah's road , he said :

{“O two companions of the prison !! Are many different lords[gods] better or Allah the One, the Irresistible ? }

Yusuf “39”

On the contrary, if a man earned less than his usual day, he would harbor malice against Allah.. but prophet Yusuf was entered prison because he refused contempting Allah's orders, he was in the highest level of optimism and trusting that Allah loves him and He won’t let him down he said :

{“O two companions of the prison !! Are many different lords[gods] better or Allah the One, the Irresistible ? you don’t worship besides Him but only names which you have named [forged] –you and your fathers- for which Allah has sent down no authority. The command is for none but Allah. He has commanded that worship none but Him [i.e. His Monotheism] ;that is the straight religion, but most men know not.}

Yusuf “39””40”

The sequel is for Al-Muttaqen [ the pious ] :
O kind brothers, it is Allah's rule in this world the sequel is the pious’ and it won’t be changed or turned over by anyone for ever.
O dear brothers, those people who conspired against him were his close brothers, they threw him in a deep well till he was about to die because they were jealous of him .
But later Allah put their need in Yusuf’s hand when he became a minister in Egypt whose job was distributing the nutrition materials among people, they came to him and could know him , Allah says:

{ They said :” Are you indeed Yusuf ?” He said: “I am Yusuf”}

Yusuf “90”
He didn’t reminded them of there crime, he said :

{He [Allah] was indeed good to me , when He took me out of the prison, and brought you all here out of the Bedouin life, after Shaitan [Satan] had sown enmity between my brothers. Certainly, my Lord is the most Courteous and Kind unto whom He wills. Truly, He!! Only He is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.}

Yusuf “100”
Do you see this incredible politeness .

Now let’s move to another idea in his story. After prophet Yusuf had told the king the interpretation of his dream –he was still in the prison- he refused getting out of prison before proving his innocence and announcing it in the kingdom, so it was done .
Allah says:

{ And the king said :”bring him to me that I may attach him to my person.” Then, when he spoke to him, he said:”Varily this day, you are with us high in rank and fully trusted .” [Yusuf] said: “Set me over the store –houses of the land; I will indeed guard them with full knowledge [as a minister of finance in Egypt ]}

Yusuf “54””55”
You see how Allah make people’s need, the king needed him as much as the uncultured man needs a teacher and the sick man needs the doctor, he was obligated to ask for Yusuf’s help .
That means if you are showed a decent position in society or government, they released your hand and asked from you to be honest and faithful, don’t refuse it. Because if someone else got it, corruption around you will kill you .
It is really a heroism when you are responsible and show everyone who is the believer, the theist, and the godliness one.
But you have to know what Allah says:

{ We[Allah] shall make a trial of you with evil and with good. And to Us you will be returned}

Al-Anbiya “35”

When you are examined by Allah in patience, you have to be examined in Allah's lifesaver .
O kind brothers, this story shows that there is an effective power but the man who made it, is much stronger than it and the faith which leads him is stronger than both of them . the lusts power is a big one with faithless people but it is a plastic power with believing, for this we do care about believing.

This is Muslims reality now:
There is one milliard and 500 million Muslim in the world now but their word isn’t the high one, they can do nothing against their enemy. The real one theist is considered as one thousand men but faithless men are considered nothing .
Our master Khaled Bin Al-Walid asked for more soldiers in one of the holy Islamic battles from Abu-Bakr As-Seddik, he asked for 50.000 soldier s but As-Seddik sent him one soldier named Al-Kaaka, when he reached him, Khaled asked him “where are the soldiers?” he replied: “it’s me” attached with a message from As-Seddik said: “O Khaled, I swear with Allah Who truly send Muhammad as a messenger that an army has Al-Kaaka won’t be defeated by any force in the world. “
Now there are millions stuck in the football international matches while there brothers and children are being killed and strayed, their women cries while they encourage Italy and Brazil…etc .
If their loyalty still linked with singers and football players who might be abnormal, or perverted, here they will be a loser nation.
Allah says in Quraan :

{ [Yusuf said] “My Lord!! You have indeed bestowed on me of the sovereignty.}

Yusuf “101”
The distinct thing is that the scholars explained the word “sovereignty” that he could control his lusts and be the master of himself, he could drive his desires and not to get under it.
O kind brothers, it is an example for our young girls and boys how he could prevent himself from doing prohibited things and staring at girls. How Allah appreciated his devotion and gave him the highest level of Paradise.
Allah says: :

{ [Yusuf said] “My Lord!! You have indeed bestowed on me of the sovereignty, and taught me something of the interpretation of dreams-the[Only] creator of the heavens and the earth !! You are my Wali [Protector, Helper, Supporter, Guardian, God, Lord] in this world and in the Hereafter. Cause me to die as a Muslim [the one submitting to Your Will], And join me with the righteous”}

Yusuf “101”

* * *

Second sermon:

Not all of the desires and lusts are sins:
Allah says :

{Beautified for men is the love of things they covet; women, children, most of gold and silver [wealth], branded beautiful horses, cattle and well-tilled land . This is the pleasure of the present world’s life; but Allah has the excellent return [paradise with flowing rivers] with Him.}

Al-Imran “14”

Lusts can’t be all sins because Allah puts it inside ourselves, Allah shows us some clean ways to achieve our lusts in. but the one who gets away from Allah's road is the most miserable person , Allah says in Quraan :

{ Then know that they only follow their own lusts. And who is more astray than one who follows his own lusts without guidance from Allah?}

In fact, I see that the greatest job which the good people can do, isn’t just building more mosques, it is helping guys getting married, saving our generation from declining is a major thing which helps the society being built. For this our great religion ordered the guys not to look a girls and ordered girls to be covered with Hijab
And I say for the one who thinks that if you stare at girls, you’ll get used on these views, one of the poets said : Don’t think that gilts can be curbed by having them a lot because food turns up the glutton’s desire .

An important advice[ get away from incendiaries and the causes of gilts]:
I advice guys to get away from incendiaries and the causes of gilts , if they face something like this to remember Allah's punishment and to pray accurately , Allah says in Quraan:

{Verily, As-Salat [the prayer] prevents from Al-Fahsha [i.e. great sins of every kind unlawful sexual intercourse and Al-Munkar [i.e. disbelieve, polytheism, and every kind of evil wicked deed ] }

Al-Ankabut “45”
I advise them to fast on Monday and Thursday /following Al-Sunnah/ and to mention Allah steadily, Allah says :

{ In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest }

Ar-Ra’d “28”
I advise them to read some of Quraan everyday and ask Allah for his mercy and forgiveness if they slide in something, Allah says :

{And those who, when they have committed Fahishah [grave, sin, as illegal sexual intercourse] or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins;-and none can forgive sins but Allah-}

Al-Imran “135”

Also, I advice them to invocate Allah, resort to him, and fill their time correctly because the free time is the main reason of corruption and pornography, fill your time with doing great jobs with good friends… Allah says :

{ And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out]from every difficulty[

.At-Talaq “2”
It’s enough to you to know that you are one of messenger Muhammad's lovers , prophet Muhammad said to his companions

“ I miss my lovers” they said: “aren’t we your lovers??!!” he /pbuh/ answered : “No, you are my companions, my lovers are people in the last time of the world, the one of them who holds his religion and applies it, is just like the one who holds a piece of fiery coal, his compensation equals seventy men” the companions asked prophet Muhammad : “ seventy of them or us??” he answered : “no, seventy of you because you find cooperative people but they don’t”

The danger of satellite channels inrush and the soft power :
O kind brothers, I am really interested about young generation and very careful to resave them as heroes who can relead our nation and reput it in its real position.
Our enemies want our guys perverted and fornicator to be like the piece of disrupt fabric doing nothing . For this, they can invade us by satellite channels .
In the past they were fighting us by weapons to get us under their region, but it becomes easier and cheaper nowadays, they can get us under their region by the soft power and the uncultured inrush they can make people as they want, people worship their lusts instead of Allah, they worship the sex as a god .
One of the philosophers in the east of Asia said: “I open my room’s window to refresh its air, in the same time I prevent the strong wind from plucking my roots.”
As if the western strong wind and the weakness of Muslims’ life, could cooperate and pluck Muslims’ roots and throw them away.
O Allah guide us with ones who you guide, and heal us with ones who you heal, bless what you give us, and take us away from what the evil of the fate, you truly judge with truth and none can destroy You, the one who retain you can’t be cringing, and the one who feud with You can’t be cherished.
Praises be to You, we belong to You and ask You for your forgiveness.
O Allah lead us to the good deeds –none lead to them except You- lead us to the good morals –none lead us to them except You. O Allah correct us our religion which is our life-saver ,correct us our recent life which is our living, and correct us our last days which are the sequel, keep us alive as long as the life is better for us and make death is the rest of the evil in the life.
O Allah give us Halal which prevent us from taking prohibited money, and lead us to obey your orders that we can’t disobey You, O Allah send the victory to Islam and Muslims, and lead the presidents to do the good things and obey Your orders, You can do whatever You want so, achieve us our wishes.

Translation : Ola Al-Nabki
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