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 Explanation of events according to Holy Quran

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PostSubject: Explanation of events according to Holy Quran   Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:08 pm

Praise Be to Allah - we praise Him, we seek aid from Him, we seek guidance, and we seek from Him refuge from the evils of ourselves, and our bad deeds. It is He whom Allah guides that is on true guidance; but he whom He leaves astray, for such wilts thou find no protector to lead him to the right way. And I profess that there is no god but Allah alone, & He has no partners. And I admit His lordship, compelling this truth for those who denied Him and disbelieved in Him. And I profess that our master Muhammad, May Allah's Peace & Grace be upon him, is the messenger of Allah, the master of the created and the human race, and I keep professing that for as long as sight can be seen with an eye, for as long as news can be heard with an ear.
O Allah, our Lord, have peace and blessings upon our master Mohammed, upon his folks, his companions, his descendants, and those who allied with him and followed him until the Day of Judgment. O Allah our Lord, teach us what is useful for us, and let us make use of what Thou hast taught us. O Allah and advance us in knowledge. O Allah show us the righteousness as right as it is, and bless us with following it. O Allah our lord make us amongst those who listen to the Word and follow the best meaning of it, and admit us, by Thy Grace, to the ranks of Thy righteous Servants. O Allah our Lord, lead us out from the depths of darkness and illusion, unto the lights of erudition and knowledge, and from the muddy shallows of lusts unto the heavens of Thy Vicinity.

First Sermon :

Praises be to Allah , we praise Him, seek His help & guidance. Seek refugee from our soul's bad side & deeds with Him , whoever is rightfully guided by Allah, could never be misguided. & vice versa. I testify that there's no God but Allah; confirming His Divinity & compelling to any polytheist, and that Mohammed , our Prophet ( PBUH) is Allah's apostle and the master of creatures and human kind. Oh , Allah , as long as there's a life on this earth bless & reveal peace upon him ( the Prophet ) and his folks & companions & descendants and whoever follows him; till the Resurrection Day.
Oh Allah , Teach us what is useful, and but us in the use of this knowledge and increase our knowledge, Oh Allah, Show as right as it is , Direct us to follow it , Grant us the awareness and avoidance of the injustice , Oh Allah ,Bless us as to be of those who listen carefully to a speech then follow its best , Be Merciful to us as to make us among Your good worshippers . Oh. Allah , Take us away from ignorance darkness and illusions , to the shine of knowledge and science , and from the desires stink to heavens.

Introduction about power:

Oh, respectable brothers, I talked in a previous speech about power, truth power, power right. I made clear that each of the them is related and directly linked
to the other .
so, we've clarified that Allah's set rules among his creatures . So, unless we were devoted believers to obey Allah , unless we prepare the available power against our enemies, then triumph is nearly impossible, as Allah's said in the Holy Qura'n:

" And (as for) the believers, it was incumbent upon Us to help ( them )."
So, which belief do we need, the believe that leads to obeying Allah, that ends in sticking to Allah's Path, then to prepare available power( to get armed )

"And make ready against them all you can of power "
The word power came undefined , indefinition is to comprise , means power of all kinds.

20 or 30 years of achievements would simply end in a day , all bridges, foundations, electricity generation stations would be vanished in a day though its establishment lasted for 20 years.
So, what's the value of an achievement if there's no protective power ?
Any achievement is worthless unless there's a restraint power.

The championship is to understand and explain events :

Oh, respectable brothers, suppose you were riding a car & suddenly a red light appeared on your car's screen , where's the problem here? Is it whether it appeared or not? Of course no, it appeared and you saw it , but ,the problem is to explain why it appeared .
So, nowadays , every body can clearly watch and hear what happens daily in the world, just after few minutes of its occurrence . But, your championship is to explain events, here come mazes and delusions, farness from truth, a believer championship is to analyze events according to our curriculum, the Holy Qura'n , not just to analyze an event in an earthy, polytheistical manner . thus , a car driver if explains the red light appeared as a decorative sign , the engine may be damaged, hence , the car will break down, the destination will not be reached and he won't achieve his goal. But, if a driver explains this red light as a warning , he'll instantly stop the car, add needed oil, the engine won't be harmed ,and he'll reach his destination and achieve his goal.
So , where's the problem here, is it whether the red light appeared or not? No it's simply why it appeared?
For the daily events , there are several hundreds of explanations, some are true, some are wrong, some are near, others far , exaggerated, fabricated, made up , thus, stick to the Holy Qura'n analysis for events.

Postulate self-evidences :

I confront you to 4 self-evidences, do you believe or ever had the thought that Allah doesn't know what happens ? No way

" Not a leaf falls , but he knows it"
Which is more important, a falling leave or a falling rocket. Do we believe or accept that a believer would ever have the thought that Allah doesn't know what is happening? Of course he knows.
Do we believe or accept that a believer would ever have the thought that Allah can't fend off aggression.
Tsunami earth quake equals a million atomic bomb. you just saw that 300000 human died, 5 million became homeless & the towns of a semi continent were totally destroyed in hours rather than days. So , Allah knows , his knowledge is absolute, he also able, and has an absolute ability.

Is there any of us who ever think that Allah has nothing to do with this earth's events?
As he says :

"It is He (Allah) who is the only Ilah ( God to be worshipped)in the heaven and the only Ilah ( God to be worshipped)on the earth."

"They have no Wali( Helper, Disposer of affairs, Protector)other than Him, and He makes none to share in His Decision and His Rule."

"Allah is the Creator of all things, and he is the Wakil ( trustee, Disposer of affairs, Gaurdian) over all things"

"Surely, He is the Creation and Commandment ."

"And to Him return all affairs( for Decision), so worship Him ( O Mohammad -PBUH), and put your trust in him."

thus, Allah knows, and is able ,and that he's a deity in earth just as he's a deity in heavens.
Do you think that a polytheist can do anything that was not been willing by Allah .
Nothing could happen in this realm is against Allah's willing, or without his allowance, do you think that a polytheist can get away from Allah's Fist ? No . it's just be and it is, vanish & it is.

How do we explain events?

How do we explain events? Unless we , Muslims , produce reasons that leads to triumph , Allah won't Grant us triumph. What happens daily is according to Allah's well and plan, and we should understand this . So, it's time for this nation , receiving blows one after the other , to understand . thus , as we disparately need truth power, we need power right .

Sae'ed bin Jubair: lessons& examples

So, respectable brothers, as I mention before , our prophet has built up belief
Among his companions, then , when he moved to Al-Madinah, he established a strong entity, & again , unless we trace our prophet in building up the Islamic community we won't succeed.

1- Firstly : Story details :

Oh, respectable brothers an honorable disciple, who set a great rank by Allah, Sae'ed bin Jubair, the Ameer , Al- Hajjaj; wanted to force him to do something out of his conviction, so he, Saeed, concealed himself, then he was found in a village near by Al- madinah, So it was narrated within Biographical( Al- Seerah) references that :
When Al- Hajjaj knew where were Saee'd hiding , he sent his soldiers to bring him cuffed to Hajjaj at Waset city .They broke through Saee'd's home and chained him infront of some of his companions , intending to leave for Hajjaj. Saee'd received this event calmly & easily then told his friends: I believe I'll be killed, one evening, I've been among two friends of mine , we felt praying, we felt then the sweetness of invocation, so we invocated to Allah as much as we could , then asked Allah to grant us martyrdom, my friends were bestowed it , and I'm still waiting for it. ,no longer did he finished his words than his young daughter appeared , seeing his condition ( cuffed & surrounded by soldiers) she started to cry , sob and hold him tightly , he gently put her aside and said: tell your mother that - In Sha'- Allah- we'll reunion in Paradise.
Then left the house with the soldiers. They Took the divine imam to Waset, to face Al- Hajjaj where this conversation took a part:
Hajjaj: what's your name?
Saeed: Saeed Bin- Jubair.( Saeed in Arabic means Happy, while Jubair means a splint
Hajjaj: no , it's rather Shaqy (miserable) Bin Kaseer( broken)
Saeed: but, my mother knew my name better than you do. what I said is my name.
Hajjaj: what do you think of Mohammed?
Saeed: you mean , Mohammed Bin Abdullah, the Prophet?
Hajjaj: Yes
Saeed: he is The Master of Adam's descendants ,the Selective Prophet, the best human being ever inhabited earth., he carried on the mission of Islam, fulfilled his charge , advised every Muslim- the commonalty & the celebrity for the sake of Allah, according to the Holy Qura'n,
Hajjaj: So, what do you think of Abu - Baker?
Saeed :he is the truthful , the successor of the holy Prophet, he was benign, lived happily & lived according to the Holy Prophet's curriculum till his death.
Hajjaj :So, what do you think of Omar?
Saeed: he is the distinguisher, Allah distinguished with him the truth from untruth.
He was selected among people, & lived according to the Holy Prophet's curriculum then Abu- baker's till his death. so he was benign then was killed to become a martyr.
Hajjaj: then , what about Othman ?
Saeed: He equipped Al – Osrah army, dug Ruma well , bought him self a mansion at Paradise, he's the Prophet son- in- law, who married -according to a reveal from Allah- two of his daughters. He was unfair murdered.
Hajjaj :what about Ali?
Saeed :he is the Prophet's cousin, the first Muslim lad, the husband of virgin Fatima, daughter of The Prophet, father of Al- Hasan & Al- Husain , chiefs of Paradise youth.
Hajjaj: Who successor – of Bani Umaiah appeals to you?
Saeed: whoever seeks to please Allah.
Hajjaj: So who of them pleases Allah?
Saeed: Allah , who knows their secrets & confidential talks, knows who pleases him.
Hajjaj: what do you think of me?
Saeed :you know your self better than I do.
Hajjaj: but I want to hear your idea about me.
Saeed: then it'll aggravate you rather than please you.
Hajjaji must hear from you.
Saeed:I know that you disagree with the Holy Qura'an, you commit matters seeking for dread ,while it drag you to destroy, and push you to hell fire.
Hajjaj I swear that I'll kill you!!
Saeed: then you ruin my present life , and I ruin your afterlife
Hajjaj : then choose your self the way to be killed.
Saee'd :well, choose it your self Hajjaj!!! Whatever the way you'll kill me by in this life ,Allah will kill you by the same way in the after life.
Hajjaj : Do you want me to forgive you?
Saeed : if for forgiveness I only accept from Allah , I refuse to accept your forgiveness. Hajjaj then, was extremely raged,
Hajjaj : Bring the sword,
( in order to kill Saee'd, who smiled in response)
Hajjaj: Why are you smiling?
Saeed: I wonder how dare you act with boldness by Allah , yet he deals patiently with you.
Hajjaj: Oh, Kill him.
Saeed then turned to Kiblah & said
Saeed: "Verily, I have turned my face towardshim , who Has created the heavens & the earth Hanifa( Islamic Monotheism ) and I'm not of Al- Mushrikun
( Polytheists)"
Hajjaj: slant him from Kiblah.
Saeed " Where ever you turn (your selves or your faces) there's the Face of Allah( and He is High above over His throne) "
Hajjaj throw him to the ground.
Saeed : " thereof the earth We created you and into it we shall return you and from it we shall bring you out once"
Hajjaj: slaughter Allah's enemy, I've never seen a person quoting from the Holy Qura'n's verses as much as he does.
Then , Saeed raised his hand & invocated to Allah saying;
Saeed : Oh, Allah, do never allow Hajjaj to rule over any person after I , then he was killed.
After 15 days of Saeed's death, Hajjaj caught a strong fever, which made him terribly sick as to snap then wake up consequently, so , when he became awake : he said with terror
Hajjaj : that's Saeed Bin Jubair, is seizing my neck, asking: why did you kill me?
Then Hajjaj cries & says: I have nothing to do with Saeed bin Jubair, take him away.
When he died and buried, someone dreamed of him , so he asked : How did Allah punished you because of whom you'd killed? He replied : Allah killed me once for each one I killed, and he killed me seventy times in return for my killing Saeed bin Jubair.

2-Secondly: Lessons & Deductions :

Oh, respectable brothers, there're many lessons to be learnt out of this story:
1- the Paradise, which is as wide as the Heavens & the earth , is prepared to whom has stuck to the right curriculum of Allah, and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), i.e. to the one who sticks to truth.
2- After death, a person is either greatly rewarded or badly punished.
3- This story is agonizing but, this life is a house of test, This life is a house of tortuousness, not a house of steadiness (settlement). It is a house of grief and distress, not a house of joy. Whoever perceives its reality, shall never rejoice at comfort, nor feel sorrow over hardship. Allah – be He exalted- has made life the house of tribulation, and the Hereafter the final home. Hence, He has made life’s tribulation for the sake of the Hereafter’s reward, and the Hereafter’s reward in recompense for life’s tribulation. Thus, He takes to give and tests to reward.
Oh, respectable brothers, In the Resurrection Day, a person would say:

"He will say: " Alas! Would that I had sent forth ( God deeds) for (this) my life!"

According to Allah, this life is worthless, it's rather contempt to be a reward for someone or a torture for another.

"So, when they forgot (the warning)with which they had been reminded , We opened for them the gates of every (pleasant) thing."
Our enemies seized all power's elements; reinforcements, money, alliances , media. They offer their best to humiliate & subjugate nations. They made up weak reasons to dominate over nations & their wealth.
respectable brothers, for the sake of two war prisoners, a country is totally destroyed, its bridges, infrastructure , electricity… only for two prisoners, some do really use excessive power madly.
Oh, respectable brothers, the lesson is that there's the after life where the life is everlasting ,ruled by a just king, & this world is temporary life, in which both divine & depraved persons equally made use of , while the afterlife is a truthful promise , is ruled by a just king.
Imam HAsan Basry, has completed the uprightness of making things clear.
Hajjaj was told what imam Hasan has said , so became extremely angry and told his companions: Cowards, I swear to make you drink his blood!!, and order that Hasan must be killed, the sword man , got ready to kill him. When Imam Hasan was brought , he automatically understood the situation , then, he murmured, no one understood what he said. Suddenly , Hajjaj stood up and welcomed him saying : oh, welcome Abi- Saeed, you're the scholars master , and allow him to share his own seat , then asked him about a certain thing , perfumed & entertained him then
see him off- this , of course, doesn't mean that imam Hasan Basry is in a higher rank than Saeed bin Jubair, it's just that each has his prudence.
The door keeper extremely exclaimed , thus he followed imam Hasan out and said: Oh imam, you've been brought to be slaughtered , what did you ask Allah?
Imam Hasan replied: I said, Oh Allah , you're indeed my shelter in crisis, my companion when desertion, turn Hajjaj's resentment into a peace and cool attitude, just as you turn the fire into cool & peace over Abraham .

And you respectable brothers, invocate to Allah late at night to protect our country, our lands, all Muslims from these criminals' slyness.
We having nothing now more than invocation, it's been said in the holy Hadeeth:

" In the last third of each night , Allah reveals to the worldly heaven saying: is there any repentant as to make repentance for him? is there any one who's asking for forgiveness as to forgive him? is there any one is asking for a certain thing as to bestow it to him? Till the dawn breaks out."

Story Falterer :

Oh, respectable brothers, what has happened? I'm asking you to prepare yourselves to listen to these facts, you may accept & you may reject. If I was rightful then its due to Allah's reconciliation, other wise then it's my fault.
The truth is that the celebrities asked Hasan Basry about his opinion of Hajjaj, he told them : don't you know my opinion of him, they said: oh, yes we know , that's why we're asking you he replied: a powerful tyrannize is Allah's resentment against us. So , who is the powerful?

Who is the powerful?

Every powerful person is powerful according to Allah's permission , other wise he may vanishes him in one second.
A powerful person may not necessary be rightful, he may be a tyrant, a dangerous criminal , but because of his power, Allah's allowed him to maintain power for sometime .

"Until when the earth is clad in its adornments and is beautified, and its people think that they have all the powers of disposal over it, Our command reaches it by night or by day ."

The earth's inhabitants had the thought that they gain power over it. i.e. various, lethal, extremely accurate weapons, with farthest range, the Western military achievements are unbelievable, a bomb to kill people but, not to harm a stone, another to destroy communication systems, other to abolish energies, a burnt bomb, other would run through a reinforcement cement then explore in a shelter, other detects laser, a split bomb, a cluster bomb, clever bomb, satellites, media, they seized every single detail in their hands while we've been sleeping for 200 years, so we pay dearly now, a country's entire achievements is demolished in two days. What's the value of these achievements? What's the value of being rightful? What's the value of having the reveal of Allah?
So, what Hasan Basry said : a powerful tyrannize is Allah's resentment against us.
Tymorlank was asked once : who are you? his answer was : I'm the resentment of Allah.

Signs of Allah's resentment :

A person when gets angry, raises his voice, breaks whatever he holds , slams a door, insults sometimes, these are human's signs of getting angry, but, what are the signs of the All Merciful's anger?
He sends Tymorlunk, he sends a mad racial entity, who makes the severest revenge.
To present an Islamic analysis to the current situation:
Imam Hasan Basri says: Allah's resentment could not defend// removed only by using swords . but, first by repentance to Allah, then by preparing the ultimate enforcement; just as been done by Salah Al-Deen, when he defeated the western world. How did he manage to defeat them?
Firstly :
He followed Allah's Path , up brought the generation according to Islam curriculum, removed all bad deed , then when he faced 27 armies , he defeated them & conquered Jerusalem.and uplifted the truth brigade??? . this must be our example to follow.
So, back to the saying of imam Hasn Basri that: Allah's resentment could not defend// removed only by using swords .thus, there must be swords, though it's not enough alone, but first by repentance to Allah, then by preparing the ultimate enforcement;
just as Salah Al-Deen did. Otherwise , if faced only by swords without repenting to Allah , listen carefully to me, the فتنة will be sharper than swords.

Muslims current problem:

Oh, respectable brothers, we should learn a lesson , and return to Allah's Path, our problem now could be summarized in these words:
They ( our enemies) want to cause us poverty, to steal our wealth , and to make us kneel to them, to lead us astray by making up a new Qura'an , Al- Furqan they call it, in which there's averse saying : Oh, Mohammed, Is it you who led my worshipper astray? Mohammed replied: Oh Allah, I got astray , so led them to stray.
Hence, they want to change our Qura'an , to cancel the religious directions from our schools , to deprave us by these satellite dishes which turned our houses into night clubs. They want to humiliate us , then demolish us. What happens daily is not condemned by anyone , on the contrary, they say that Israel has the right to defend it self. The strongest power in the world supports this criminal war.
So, honorable brothers, watch yourselves before being called to account, Weigh your deeds before it shall be weight against you. And be aware that Death Angel had passed us to others , and will passed others to us , so we should be aware. A wise man who condemn himself and work for the afterlife . The powerless follows his fancy and makes wishes for Allah.

* * *

Second sermon:
And Praise be to Allah , Lord of Alamin, I certify that there's no God but Allah Master of good ones, I certify that Mohammed is Allah's worshipper & Messenger the one of great morals, Blessings and peaces be of Allah upon him and his neat companions and folks.

A letter from Ramallah:

Oh, respectable brothers, I received an email from a sister living in Ramallah, who wrote: All the Palestinian send you our greeting. we, who hold patience over all the cruel , criminal and unfair actions we suffer from the Israelis. As I first mentioned my name, I'm grateful to Allah who made it easy for me to follow your lessons , especially those about the Holy Names of Allah, this program enhanced my love, my trust to Allah & belief in his justice- which I used to lack!! So Praises be to Allah.
oh, Master, you can't imagine how much patience , faith &trust in Allah, I've been bestowed by Allah after applying what I heard & understood from the lessons of The Holy Names of Allah. I considered Satan my first enemy, I still listen to your lessons & preaches and make great use of all.
- my respectable brothers , the lessons and Friday preaches which is put on the internet is widely attended and heard ,over the five continents,- so back to the email received by the Palestinian , oh, My Master, I'd like to tell you my story : I, the daughter of the captive: Hasan Ali Salamah, , who was arrested in 1982, when I only was 20 days old, he's still in prison , I didn't live with him more than 20 days , my patient mother who remained to raise us , look after us; is a patient , believer who has trust in Allah - I ask Allah to bestow her good health & long living .
my captive father , is patient , he is , upon Allah's grant , is a strong person who waiting for Allah's reward over the torture he got at prison.
My mother has suffered a lot of tough situations which ended always by a strong immune against alike situations. unless we faced such situation, we wouldn't learn many lessons.
Our hard strive in this life in order to preserve ourselves from committing depravity,
In order to keep our religion, faith and uplift our ethics according to Islamic Sharea'a, however ,we faced great amount of misery and difficulties , we believe that Allah is testing us.
My dear Master, I'm asking you here to say a word to may patient mother in order to still firm & patient and makes her stronger; she is already ,but, some times a person become weaken , then after wards she gathered herself again and become strong & patient as usual, you know , she could have left us to get married , but she deprived her self this right ,and remained to bring us up. And to wait for father to come out of prison, who has been sentenced for ever in the prison, for nothing but because he defends the word of Allah, and fight our enemy, who occupied our land. So I beg you for Duaa' and to reply to this email.

The reply:

My reply is that , it was mentioned in Al-Adab Al -Mufrad- by Imam Bukhari that: " the first one ever to hold Paradise rings is I ( the Prophet – PBUH), suddenly , a woman is quarreling , intending to enter before I do , I said : who is she Jibreel ( the angle of the reveal)he said : a woman whose husband died , or was captivated; the same result, then she preferred to bring up her children than to marry. So she is a woman whom her husband died , left her children , so she sacrificed marriage for the sake of bringing them up.
Thus , rejoice at being patient , you will quarrel the Prophet to enter Paradise.

A precious advice:

My honorable brothers, you may eat, drink as you like, but you're not allowed to spend money without avail , there are people in Palestine who have nothing to eat , no shelter, no roof to protect, they suffer daily. It's a sign of your faith to sympathize with them.
My honorable brothers, we face a deep agony , nevertheless, it may be creative, this hardship may lead to a true link to Allah, a grant from Allah; may succeed this misfortune .
I pray to Allah , for us all and for our country to be protected from any bad action, to defend us against our enemies slyness, aggression and criminal acts.
He, Only Allah , Who Has the power over everything. So we have to pray & invocate every time, He may answer our prayers and remove this danger.
Oh , Allah , guide us to your path; among whom you guided , and bestow us good health; among whom you bestowed good health, Protect us; among whom you protected, bless us ; among whom you blessed, turn away from us any evil you've ever destined ,You suppresses only by truth , and you may not be suppressed over, and whoever you protect shan't be disgraced, whoever you showed enmity to, shan't be glorified, Oh, Allah, Blessed be you and high above all, Praises to You for what you judged. We ask your forgiveness , and repent to you . Oh Allah, guide us to good deeds , as there's no One but You Shall do so, guide us to good morals , as there's no One but You Shall do so. Oh , Allah, make right our religion, being the safe guide of our lives, make right our present life ,in which we live, make right our other life to which we'll return, grant us this life as supply for good deeds, and make death an ease of any evil thing.
Oh, Allah, our protector and guardian, the lord of Alamin , grant us satisfaction of your permissions ( Halal)from your wrong-doings (Haram), your obedience from disobedient, your grace from any others' grace.
Oh Allah, by your grace and Mercy, raise high your religion and the Word of Truth. And grant victory to Islam, honor Muslims, Disgrace polytheists and polytheism ,Oh, Allah, grant Islamic presidents success to follow your path, You , Allah, have the full ability to do whatever you want , and capable of answer.
Translation : Ibtehal Ramadan
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Explanation of events according to Holy Quran
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